- Do not hand in your head at the cloakroom! -

You are looking for company logos and company names? EVERYONE has these on their homepage? I may calm you first of all - I am not EVERYONE!

As a psychologist I have to inform you that logos & names only fulfil one purpose to lure you!

They AUTOMATICALLY stand for quantity, quality and consequently for success. You believe that with logos & names alone you are on the ”safe” side? This is completely wrong! A logo of the “X” company as a reference says nothing about:

How it got hold of the order.
What were the contents of the order.
How comprehensive this order was.
How good/bad the order was settled.
Which role personal empathies played in the service evaluation.

References per se have an effect as behavioural finance (decision-making aids). Behavioural finance serve in this respect to support us in daily life and to therefore relieve us of decisions – they are rules of the thumb. Not leads, because in the event of “not being satisfied” one is not personally responsible. There were of course references ;-)

I will not give your corporate logo & your (company) name as a reference either.