Teams & groups

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Budgeted team building or budgeted team development often represents a nice change in the daily work routine. “Teams are made“ with a little bit of information, playing & fun. The belief in this may by all means have a short-term placebo effect – however is this the sense of it?

The problem begins already with the fact that teams per se hardly have a long-term existence. You recognise here already why it is necessary to treat the topic at the core so that even with the fluctuation of employees the team spirit in the company can be recorded/mediated as a value & climate! Or would you like to build rafts in the quarter?

A great deal of psychological know-how has to be combined in order for a team to be able to grow with a “we“ from the most varied employees. Professional advice must therefore also consider downsides and sources of risks in teams!

Employees are psychological characters –
Team bulding is applied psychology.