With regard to my person

- To get to know me -

born: February 1971 in Freistadt, Upper Austria
marital status: married, 3 adult children, 8 four-legged pets
school education: Vienna, Helsinki, Teheran

Dipl. studies in psychology [Master in Psychology]
Main University of Vienna
Dipl. educationalist

major work and study subjects:
labour and organisation psychology
business psychology, social psychology
education psychology

German perfect, English good, Finish & Persian capable of conducting a conversation

I enjoy filling leisure time with:
I passionately enjoy travelling to European cities, enjoying the moment, cultivated dining & drinking, sampling the pleasures of Vienna and its possibilities, filling evenings with talks, sometimes practising playing the piano, observing wild animals in the garden; learning Italian, taking fencing lessons & writing a children’s book are on the waiting list.