Foreword & Entrée

- Not every lid fits on every pot -

Dear Company, dear Reader,

a multitude of institutions and persons with routine experience offer their services for consultancy activities, coaching, training or for the conducting of surveys. Neither the overview, nor the specialist knowledge of the customer can be presumed in this potpourri of offers.

It is not the responsibility of the client to identify the optimum “partner”. It is rather the responsibility of the professional to conscientiously compare own competences with the requirements of the client in order to achieve an optimum level of results – in the full interest of the client.

There is often a lack of sustainability as artistically packed standard services often show no consideration for individual decisive aspects. This shady side of the routine does not only represent a waste of resources, but also a failure to achieve the actual goal.

The main aim of my work is a continuous, sustainable and individual of extension of the competence of my clients.